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At The Helm

What drives Lansdale Ventures is a deep desire to provide a luxury fishing experience inspired by yachting to our clients.


A love for the ocean and a passion for bringing its gifts to everyone are what inspire us. 

Partnerships with local boat owners are what make Lansdale Ventures possible. We strive to support the fishing industry, other small business owners, and bring strength to our local economy. 


The Fleet

Lansdale Ventures is partnered with independent local boat owners. We aim to provide a variety of vessels depending on the type of charter ranging from our 27' Contender to yachts in the 80' range. 

Currently available for charter is our 27' Contender. A well-equipped center console perfect for fishing charters of parties up to 6. Aboard the Eagle, we offer half day, whole day, and luxury destination charters. 

Coming Soon

Center consoles and sport fishing boats in the 30' to 50' range. As well as yachts up to 80'.

south florida fishing charters

Our Fishing Destinations

Based in Fort Lauderdale we provide trips from Miami to West Palm Beach with international charters to the Bahamas.

Fort Lauderdale


West Palm Beach


Our Professional Crew


Captain Alex

Captain Alex, the owner of Lansdale Ventures, is an enthusiastic and hard-working captain operating with a 100-ton USCG license. He started his career ten years ago charter fishing in south Florida, concentrating on the offshore waters from Miami to Palm Beach. A few years later, his desire for travel led him to join the yachting industry, mating on and running boats from Florida as far north as Maine and as south as Panama.


During this travel period, his fishing skills were tested and held up, giving him a solid reputation within the yachting industry. In addition to increasing his range of knowledge in the fishing industry, he also found a new passion for providing the “yachting experience” and upholding an elite level of maintenance on fishing boats. Thus spawning the idea to merge the two industries for a new charter experience, “Lansdale ventures.”

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