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Call today to save your spot!

To better serve you, we recommend you call to Capt. Alex. with lots of charter packages available and several boats in the fleet, we have just what your looking for. Call now to find out what boats are available, whats biting this time of year and our rates.



Lansdale Ventures is driven by a strong desire to provide a top-notch experience every time. 

Combine a passionate and energetic captain, a well-equipped center console, and a world-renowned fishing location for a day outdoors you'll never forget.

All of our crew are experienced, dedicated, and professional. Weather you want to kick back and enjoy your time on the water while we do all the work or hop right in and be a part of the show, we provide all the knowledge and gear necessary to make it happen. Let us put you on the catch of a life time!  

As for certification and rental gear, you will need to have valid and up to date PADI, if you haven't been certified yet we are happy to assist you in getting the process started. 

Rental gear and tank fills can be arranged for you by the Captain and Dive Master through our partnered dive shops.

With boats ranging from 27-60 feet, we have exactly what you had in mind.  We offer a variety of dives based on your experience level, such as reefs (12-80 feet deep), wrecks (30-240 feet deep), spearfishing, and lobster diving.

Diving with Fish

2 tank

Come on aboard with Capt. Alex and Dive master Chris, whose mission is to help you safely explore whats beneath the surface. your choice of depth, and scenery, from wrecks to reefs. With thousands of charted dives off the coast of south Florida, there are a wide variety of sights to see. depending on the the day's weather and current, we can tailor the dives to the best visibility and marine life interaction.

4 tank

Each of our charters is tailored to showing you the experience of a lifetime. On a 4 tank dive trip you will have more time to spend below the surface, and the flexibility  to switch it up and try multiple dive sites from reefs to shipwrecks as shallow as 12 feet to beyond 100 feet deep!

Coral Reef
Plane Wreck


Our personal favorite trip, the advantages of the nitrox dives are the amount of time under water and depth of your dive. Our conditions vary as the day goes on, being driven by currents and conditions such as wind and tide, the visibility and interaction with marine life are often different throughout the day. With a nitrox dive trip you have the ability to see it all play out!


Destination Fishing and Combination Charters


Looking for an all day or even multi-day adventure? The possibilities are endless... Dive then Fish, Fish then cruise the water ways, Dive then cruise to a restaurant for lunch/dinner or any other combination. If your the adventurous type and want to see all we have to offer on the water, call today to personalized your booking!

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