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Sailfish caught!

The seas were flat calm and wind hardly blowing as we came out the cut. "Beautiful day for a cruise but not the ideal conditions for sail fishing this time of year" we told the charter. We decided to catch some live balihoo on the way out, and they were tough to come by but after about 20 minutes we had our 2 dozen and headed south to the shipwrecks. it didn't take long before we had our first bite, a kingfish around 10 lbs, then caught a few more in that size range. after that it slowed down and the fishing got real slow right up until we had 5 mins left in the trip and he came up jumping! It was a big sailfish on the 20 pound standup gear. After about a 30 minute fight we had him beat and got a quick picture before releasing him to fight again! the fish weighed around 80 pounds and was nearly 7 feet long!

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