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Trophy hammer head shark!

This trip started off crazy with a medical emergency less than an hour in. We're going to spare you the details but it had to do with a long night of drinking and dehydration, thanks to a quick decision to head back and drop the patient off he was fine an hour or so later. be sure to drink lots of water especially if your out drinking the night before a trip offshore guys!

After being assured by paramedics that the patient would recover fine after a short visit to the hospital we headed back out out finish the trip with the other customers. We only had 2 hours left to fish by the time we got back out but thats never stopped us before. we got straight to it and put a huge lab of bonita out on the kite, it wasn't 20 minutes before an 8 foot hammerhead took the bait! it was a sick bite on the surface of the water and took nearly 2 hours to land the fish.

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